Masquerading Reality: My Christmas Truth

Masquerading Reality: My Christmas Truth

Fed the pauper.
Not having money during the holidays
Delicious decadence drips from every TV commercial.
I could say, “That’s alright, I know the true meaning of Christmas.”
But, it wouldn’t be the truth.
I would love to take a vacation on December 26th to a Cabin in the snowy mountains.
Or take a trip to Hawaii and lay out in the Pacific sun-
I would love to spend thousands of dollars on the People that I love and appreciate.
I would love to choose a family and buy gifts and Christmas dinner for everyone.
But that is nothing but my masquerading reality.
How can I make this reality come true?
My reality is:
-that I’m not sure whether or not I will be able to
stay in my house.
-that I may have to give away my dogs because I
can’t afford to keep them.
-that they might repossess my car.
Or, should I focus on my masquerading reality instead?
Will I stumble like Cinderella when the clock struck 12?
I’m trying not to be so scared.
Maybe, with each step forward that I take
I can manifest the “prince charming” within myself.
Eventually, I shall make my masquerading reality my Life.


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