The Art of de Nile

The Art of de Nile.

The Art of de Nile

It all starts with de Nile.
It’s not Utah.
It’s Ohio.
It’s not traffic.
It’s driving.
It’s not stealing.
Its hiding.
It’s not drinking.
It’s just thinking.
It’s not a lot.
It’s just pot.
It’s not old.
Its secrets are untold.
It’s not real.
It’s how I feel.
It’s not red.
It’s my kid’s bed.
It’s not stress.
It’s just sex.
It’s not rain.
It’s cloud stains.
It’s not sin.
It’s all I’ve been.
It’s not bare.
There’s something there.
It’s not war.
It’s power that hoards.
But is all started with de Nile.


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