We are NOT Victims

We are NOT Victims

We are not victims. We all suffer in different ways. Everyone from the richest, to the poorest, the strongest, to the weakest suffers. Who am I to say that my suffering is any less than yours? It depends on my own perceptions. Approaching life from the standpoint of a victim is death.

One can feel justified in hurting another or stealing from another because, “we deserve better”. After all they may have been: discriminated against, cheated on, raped, beaten, lied to, cursed at, yelled at or fired. No!!! So, too, was your brother or your sister. There is no place in our society for anarchy. If we can face our own suffering and learn how to deal with it, we have more of an opportunity to serve humankind.

Suffering is a commonality among all humans. If we search, and sometimes if we just become aware, we can find joy among the suffering. We can find compassion, love and understanding in our hearts next to all of the envy, pain and the hate. If we all operated from this space, the world would be a better place.


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