The Endgame for Pawns, Kings and Queens

The Endgame for Pawns, Kings and Queens

“Once the Game is over, the pawn and the king go back into the same box” Italian Proverb

I was so immensely touched by Pope Frances’ embodiment of humility by washing the feet of the Italian juvenile prison inmates. Many of us spend so much time “becoming” whatever our desire is, that we are oblivious to the everyday goodness around us. The fact that we awake to the birds singing at the breaking of dawn, regardless of the rain or the sun, eludes us. Everyday heroes stop and help us as our car breaks down on the road. They find our cell phone and turn it in, and generously open doors for as we struggle with a child and bags in our hands. Their financial status in life is irrelevant. They give us a dollar randomly, when we are hungry or offer to buy us a drink and they donate organs and bone marrow to save our lives.

Yet, we are so busy becoming kings and queens that we are blind to the everyday gifts of life. No matter what we acquire during this lifetime, we all have the same fragile human life. Once it’s over, it’s over. Why not live life to its fullest extent NOW and see all of humanity equally in their beauty and selflessness regardless as to whether they are a pawn a queen or a king?


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