Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

Animals never have the threat of atomic or nuclear wars. They have disagreements, definitely. But, I have never heard of a territorial group of elephants fighting other elephants. When has a pride of lions fought the hippos for territory? Aside from a few exceptions, animals just exist. They don’t worry about money, or material possessions. They don’t worry about aging. They don’t diet, because they always eat just enough. They don’t have to pay for their entertainment, they create their own games. Yes, they hunt and kill. But, they only hunt what is necessary for their own survival. Animals don’t pollute. All of their waste is biodegradable. They know how to relax. They care for their young, but, they let them grow and become adults, as well. They understand when it is time for one of their own to die. They let it happen, and seem to understand that it is a part of life.

We are supposed to be the more intelligent species. Where did we go wrong? When will remember that we are just another animal that inhabits this wonderful planet, earth? I hope we do, before it is too late.


4 thoughts on “Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

    • Wow, really?! I will do some research on that. I mean “war” in terms of conquering territory, or for religious reasons. I mean “war” because of weapons of mass destruction etc.

      • I just recently discovered that replies to comments left at other’s blogs are found via the notification section. I am currently going through a vast number of them, Gaining territory is the precise region animals wage war. Weapons of mass destruction are weapons, not war reasons. And rather animals believe there is a deity, I have no idea. What did you discover in your research.

      • Thanks for your comments! I wrote this entry based on my limited knowledge of animals. I have since learned that some animals, like ants, etc. do wage war. My main point is that animals don’t seem to be as violent, destructive, vain and greedy as humans. Maybe we could learn something from them.

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