The Big Island of Hawaii Discoverer?

The Big Island of Hawaii Discoverer?

Recently, I visited the Big Island of Hawaii. I went to the beautiful Kealakekua Bay where I saw the most beautiful marine life. It was incredible! There were: Hermit crabs, yellow fish, silver fish, sea urchin and much more. The water was perfectly clear. It was a wonderful and surreal day. Then, I saw the monument commemorating Captain James Cook. It extolled the fact that he had discovered the Big Island of Hawaii. How can you “discover” something that already existed? How can you “discover” an Island that had thousands of Natives living on it in well established communities? How can we in “civilized” society be so presumptuous? Captain Cook supposedly “discovered” New Zealand and Australia. Again, these islands had societies that already existed and therefore, couldn’t be “discovered”.

What “discoveries” have you made? For example, I just “discovered” Amy Winehouse had a phenomenal voice. All, but, one of her songs was new to me, but, not to most people. I didn’t “discover” Amy Winehouse. She already existed. It is important for us to remain humble in our discoveries. We have to remember to differentiate between personal or communal discoveries and true conceptual discoveries because there simply are very few things out there left to be “discovered”.


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