“Until death do us part”, For All!

The Supreme Court did it. They opened the door for marriage for all. Thank you to them and all of the courageous leaders from Harvey Milk to Edith Windsor to Kris Perry and Sandy Stier and the countless people that fought for the rights to be treated as equal American citizens with dignity.  Thank you for your courage. Marriage for All makes marriage more sanctified for everyone.

It makes me wonder how much we heterosexuals who have this constitutional right take it for granted. We file for divorce or separation, after the first major disagreement. We believe marriage is to hard to deal with. Maybe, every once in a while, we should review our vows and remember why we married our partner. Maybe we should be more cautious prior to marrying someone. “Through sickness and in health until death do us part.”. Whether it’s in a courthouse, a church or a courtyard, marriage is sacred. It’s beautiful and it’s an important institution that benefits our society. Its significance is not diminished by whether it is heterosexual or a same sex couple. It’s funny how those who are fighting for desired rights really get it. Whether someone is fighting for the right to vote, for American Citizenship, or the right to simply be recognized as a married couple, they understand. Thanks again, for your courage and the reminder of why, after nearly 25 years, I intend to stay married.


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