Forgive and Forget?

Forgive and Forget?

“I’ll forgive you, but, I’ll never forget.”

Why? Why can’t I forget? What benefit does, “not forgetting” have for me? Will it stop me from being hurt again? Will it make the pain go away? Will I be able to exact some type of revenge on the perpetrator to right the wrong?

How many times have I hurt someone? How many times has that hurt, magically been forgotten? Holding onto pain is like dragging shackles and a ball and chain through life. We must release it, the way God releases us. When I forget the past hurts, the pain just seems to slowly dissipate, like the fog, as the sun rises. Soon all that is left is the clarity. All that is relevant, is now.

I know the power to forgive and forget is within all of us. It is a choice. When we unleash this power, our potential is limitless. So, why can’t I forgive and forget again?! I’m just ego-trippin’.


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