Too Afraid 2 Love

I’m afraid 2 love you too much
I feel like I’ve lost touch
All I can think about is you
I’ve never known a love so true
I’m lost in heaven’s kiss
My joy has become love’s bliss
You make my hair stand on its ends
Intoxicate me with your heart’s elixir again
My love transcends words I might say
Watch me show my love today
Your smile sings my heart’s melody
I’m afraid to give you this ring
I’m afraid that you might want to leave
I’m afraid you’ll just abandon me.
That is why, I push you away
Love does not know fear
Love gives, knowing More is always near
Ignore me, my soul needs you to stay
Trust and Commitment lead the way
It’s time for Fear to run away
Grace opened the door for Love’s new day
If I wasn’t afraid 2 Love you too much

Moms versus the Militia


Moms versus the Militia

How you gonna shoot us up?
What’s your revolution?
Militia man fighting a war with your ego,
You ain’t following my constitution.
Fuck You!
Carry your gun in your house, not in mine.
I know our life is divine.
I ain’t got no beef with you.
Your war is with your mind.
Fight it!
Put your Genie in a bottle and
Cork that shit!
May you find peace, in time.

Don’t Believe the Hype


Don't Believe the Hype

Song, Sing my soul
Soul, Sing my song
I have waited far too long
I have subverted my very being
Seeking, but never seeing
Remembering past criticisms
And Believing the Hype
They were wrong
God was right
My belly is bursting
My skin is ripe
Ready to create New life
That is authentically mine

No Dry Wells for Me!


No Dry Wells for Me!

If I
Believe that
Resides within
I must Remember that
I am Overflowing with
& Grace
My Well
Will Never
Run Dry
I will Give
Of this
Without judgement

Check Under the Hood


Check Under the Hood

Things are not as they appear.
The Mojave Desert
May have miles of sun-baked desert soil,
Flowing with cacti, Joshua trees and tumbleweeds
As its lone vegetation
Yet, below the surface of that arid desert there are:
Underground rivers, micro-organisms and Oases
We have to check under the Hood.

We are all so much more than our appearance.
Below the surface lies our truth.
Our treasure trove of gifts,
Our individual molecular capabilities,
Our unique desires and needs,
Let’s take the time to truly know who we really are-
Under the Hood.

The Art of de Nile


The Art of de Nile.

The Art of de Nile

It all starts with de Nile.
It’s not Utah.
It’s Ohio.
It’s not traffic.
It’s driving.
It’s not stealing.
Its hiding.
It’s not drinking.
It’s just thinking.
It’s not a lot.
It’s just pot.
It’s not old.
Its secrets are untold.
It’s not real.
It’s how I feel.
It’s not red.
It’s my kid’s bed.
It’s not stress.
It’s just sex.
It’s not rain.
It’s cloud stains.
It’s not sin.
It’s all I’ve been.
It’s not bare.
There’s something there.
It’s not war.
It’s power that hoards.
But is all started with de Nile.

Marie Osmond Smile


“It’s not always a blind man who falls in a pit. Sometimes it’s one who can see.”


 Marie Osmond Smile

Verse 1:

I took a road trip out into the sticks

Stopped at the store to pick up a soda and chips

Saw a girl with a Marie Osmond smile

It captured my heart for many a mile


Car broke down, who should offer me a ride

The pretty little girl shows up by my side

Well, we sat in her truck and talked for hours

 The sun set and we watched the meteor showers



Her eyes sparkled, and lit up the night

Her rosy cheeks lifted to the sky

Her cherry lips framed her teeth like a shrine

That pretty little girl with the Marie Osmond smile

My mind mesmerized by that Marie Osmond smile


Verse 2:

You know, I’m not one to kiss and tell,

But her truck was cheaper than a motel

Months passed, her smile was tattooed on my thoughts

Too good to be true, my mind was filled with doubts


Found the courage to return for awhile

Asked for the girl with the Marie Osmond smile

They said she quit workin’ and went back to school

 Her heart was broken by a thoughtless fool



Her eyes sparkled, and lit up the night

Her rosy cheeks lifted to the sky

Her cherry lips framed her teeth like a shrine

That pretty little girl with the Marie Osmond smile

My mind mesmerized by that Marie Osmond smile



 I had her heart in my hands

I was afraid to give love a chance

Now I have to live with my regrets

I know, this smile I’ll never forget


Django: The Evolution of Freedom


Django: The Evolution of Freedom


The Evolution of freedom

Slingin’ guns,

But he ain’t a hoodlum.

The script is flipped,

Not the nigga, but the white man got whipped.

AK-like pistol killin’ in the South.

No need to talk, scream or pout.

No witnesses alive for the truth to come out.

Dirty fingers across the plantation.

Reminiscent of the hate in the nation.

If only Django could save the world,

Kill everybody ‘til there was peace in the world.

The trigga cocked in each hand and his pretty little girl.

That nigga thinks he’s John Wayne.

Their Innocence is Gone


Their Innocence is Gone

Kindergarten children sit at little tables
With tiny plastic multi-colored chairs
Making chains with strips
Of red and green construction paper.
Holiday music plays in the background.

A stranger enters
Their innocence is gone…
Screams, fears,
Running, tears
Sirens screech.
Parents beseech.
Death stained air-
Prayers for answers.
Families crumble.
President stumbles.
Anti gun deluge.
Press accuses.
Community mourns.
NRA warns.
Homicidal malcontent
Kills our most innocent.
Please, stop the violence!

Shhh….It’s a Secret



Incapacitate me.
I question
My identity.
Reoccurring dream
Paralyzes me.
Covers pulled off
What could that be?
Denigrates me.
Shh….It’s a secret.
Gag my liberty.
Spent in therapy.
Parades for all to see..
No longer
Is it a secret.