Conquering Losingness


Conquering Losingness

What do you do when you lose?
Do you wallow in your losingness?
Do you paint a pathetic smile onto your face
Even when it is not OK?
Maybe you just brush yourself off,
And keep on going.
The fact that you don’t give up,
No matter what,
Makes you a winner.

It’s a Wonderful Life-at the DMV?


Good times-While waiting at the DMV

I was standing there,bored, playing with my cell phone, at the DMV in Los Angeles. I was preparing to wait for at least an hour, since I neglected to make an appointment. I felt someone staring at me. I looked up and met the eyes of a young man. “Did you work for Los Angeles Unified School District?”, he asked. I nodded, “Yes”. It turned out that I was his 5th grade teacher.

I had only stayed for half of that school year, yet this man remembered me?! He told me that I was his favorite teacher in all of his years of school. Amazing. As an educator, one never knows the lives that they affect. Everyday, you just do your best to impart a bit of knowledge. Most of the times, the children teach me more than I could ever teach them. It’s an exchange, a give and a take. Each class affects you differently. Nonetheless, day after day, year after year, you teach and serve the children.

I am honored to be a part of such a noble profession. I’m grateful to be able to have those exchanges of knowledge with the children. Hopefully, we’ll all be better because of our interactions. My wait at the DMV, suddenly felt timeless.  All I could do when the young man left my side, was smile. It’s a wonderful life.

Darkness cannot…


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

What Syria did was wrong.  It was an atrocity.  But, I think Martin Luther King said it best, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness…” Why can’t we be the initial aggressor for peace? Why not give money to assist  the neighboring countries that are housing the refugees? Peace can get so ugly you forget what it looks like.  But, it has been there all along.  Let’s find it.  Let’s find the peace, for humanity’s sake.

A Message to the Innocent


A Message to the Innocent

My Dear Sons,

I love you. But, many in this world will see you and assume that you’ve done something wrong just because of the color of your skin. Never wear a hoodie and walk alone at night. Please.


African American Moms

Lessons from the Animal Kingdom


Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

Animals never have the threat of atomic or nuclear wars. They have disagreements, definitely. But, I have never heard of a territorial group of elephants fighting other elephants. When has a pride of lions fought the hippos for territory? Aside from a few exceptions, animals just exist. They don’t worry about money, or material possessions. They don’t worry about aging. They don’t diet, because they always eat just enough. They don’t have to pay for their entertainment, they create their own games. Yes, they hunt and kill. But, they only hunt what is necessary for their own survival. Animals don’t pollute. All of their waste is biodegradable. They know how to relax. They care for their young, but, they let them grow and become adults, as well. They understand when it is time for one of their own to die. They let it happen, and seem to understand that it is a part of life.

We are supposed to be the more intelligent species. Where did we go wrong? When will remember that we are just another animal that inhabits this wonderful planet, earth? I hope we do, before it is too late.

Their Innocence is Gone


Their Innocence is Gone

Kindergarten children sit at little tables
With tiny plastic multi-colored chairs
Making chains with strips
Of red and green construction paper.
Holiday music plays in the background.

A stranger enters
Their innocence is gone…
Screams, fears,
Running, tears
Sirens screech.
Parents beseech.
Death stained air-
Prayers for answers.
Families crumble.
President stumbles.
Anti gun deluge.
Press accuses.
Community mourns.
NRA warns.
Homicidal malcontent
Kills our most innocent.
Please, stop the violence!

Shhh….It’s a Secret



Incapacitate me.
I question
My identity.
Reoccurring dream
Paralyzes me.
Covers pulled off
What could that be?
Denigrates me.
Shh….It’s a secret.
Gag my liberty.
Spent in therapy.
Parades for all to see..
No longer
Is it a secret.

Curtain Call


Curtain Call

Guess What?!
The wizard wasn’t real.
The scarecrow had a brain.
The tin man had a heart.
The lion had courage.
Dorothy knew the way home.

The answers were there all along.
If only we had the courage to pull back the curtain.