Could a BOOK be your Next Lover? Bibliophile Alert!


Could a BOOK be your Next lover? Bibliophile Alert?

Complete this survey for your very own self evaluation.

Please answer “yes” or “no” in agreement or disagreement to the following statements.

1) You fall asleep with a book under the covers.
2) You read your books while you are walking.
3) The pages on your books wear down like an old pair of jeans.
4) You name your child after your favorite literary character.
5) You’ve taken the books in the shower with you.
6) You always have a book in the car, and not an audio one, in case you are stuck in traffic.
7) When you were a child, you would rather read Bambi or Snow White than to go to Disneyland.
8) After you read a book, you begin to talk like its characters.
9) Your family members have forgotten what your full facial profile looks like.
10) When you go to church, you slip your favorite book inside of the Bible.

If you said “Yes” to seven or more of these statements, get ready for a new partner!

Broken Hearted

My heart breaks

When I see a child

In Pain

Due to the stress and strain

Of being

In a home


With no food to eat

Or abused and tortured

To defeat

Just because

Those who have chosen

To open

Their door of existence

Have forgotten

These children

Are born innocent

These seedlings

Are our little stars

Yet they

Are scarred

From the beginning


From the


Carnage of

Their life


Not to be

The Gods that they are

My heart breaks….