Leaning in to My Sisters


m37_article_dark_skinned_women_film_1280x800_article-small_91Here are some ways that we could “Lean In” to our sisters.
1) We could embrace our sisters’victories, rather than being driven by jealousy, as they attain our goals.
2) We could mentor our youth and those living in poverty in order to help them to accomplish their dreams.
3) We could invest time and money into ourselves and not feel guilty when we allow ourselves to rest.
4) We could seek to understand first, rather than judge.
5) We could learn to love our Sister Earth in the same way that we love ourselves and each other.
6) We could embrace tradition while welcoming innovations as they reveal themselves in our society.
7) Most of all, we must LOVE ourselves unconditionally, in order to be able to effectively expand throughout the world by “leaning in”.