” Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” Douglas Adams

When I fly

It feels like smooth sailing

Most of the time…

The purr of the engines

The murmuring of conversations

Flight attendants ushering their wares down the aisle

Turbulence arrives

The plane bounces up and down and side to side

Storm clouds and lightning threaten outside

I hear the creeking of the interior walls

I nylon strap  is all that protects me

Against a 34,000 foot fall

I’m helpless

I willingly dispense my life into the hands

Of an unknown pilot

Because I want to go….

My heart jumps

Where are the drinks?

Where are the pills?

I didn’t sign up for this unwanted thrill

The plane glides smoothly once again

We land

Will I do it again?

Let my next adventure begin!