Why Faith?!


Why Faith?!

Do you have to be spiritual to have faith? Do you have to believe in some form of deity in order to believe in yourself? Does a specific dogma need to guide you to listen, first and foremost to that still, small voice within? Is faith the father of that voice that can cause you to run away from some people; yet, have the wisdom to hold on to others? Is the persistent pursuit of a passion, no matter what, because of faith? Do you have to have morals in order to be faithful? Or, can you just simply “know” the truth of who you are and who you came to be? I don’t know…. I just know that I couldn’t live without faith.


Taste and See

Taste and See
That God is good
Take a dip with your toe
Your whole body will know.
Goose bumps will arise
Your experience does not lie
Faith is swallowed whole.
Stand still though the wind blows
God is good.
God is ummm, ummm, Good.