The Joy of Motherless Daughters


The Joy of Motherless Daughters

I don’t have a mom. I have tried to adopt a mother many times in the 20 years since mine has passed away. But no one could fill her shoes. Nobody could hear my voice and know that something was wrong. Nobody would lay in the bed eating popcorn and watching scary movies with me. Nobody could make a 7 layer dip quite like my mother when I was sad. Nobody calls me on the phone, “just because” and we end up talking for an hour.

I finally realize that I will only have one mom. They broke the mold after she was born. I am so blessed to have had such a pillar of a woman to set the foundation of my life for 28 years. Sometimes, in my stillness, I hear her voice and feel her presence guiding me and reminding me not to take life so seriously.

My motherless status is magnified around Mother’s Day. Through the twinges of sadness, I feel the joy of knowing that I had the honor of knowing the greatest mother I could have ever had. She inspired me to be the best: wife and mother I could be.  I love you, Mom.