Moms versus the Militia


Moms versus the Militia

How you gonna shoot us up?
What’s your revolution?
Militia man fighting a war with your ego,
You ain’t following my constitution.
Fuck You!
Carry your gun in your house, not in mine.
I know our life is divine.
I ain’t got no beef with you.
Your war is with your mind.
Fight it!
Put your Genie in a bottle and
Cork that shit!
May you find peace, in time.


Django: The Evolution of Freedom


Django: The Evolution of Freedom


The Evolution of freedom

Slingin’ guns,

But he ain’t a hoodlum.

The script is flipped,

Not the nigga, but the white man got whipped.

AK-like pistol killin’ in the South.

No need to talk, scream or pout.

No witnesses alive for the truth to come out.

Dirty fingers across the plantation.

Reminiscent of the hate in the nation.

If only Django could save the world,

Kill everybody ‘til there was peace in the world.

The trigga cocked in each hand and his pretty little girl.

That nigga thinks he’s John Wayne.

“Midnight movie massacre…


“Midnight movie massacre: Colorado Batman shooting leaves 12 dead, 59 wounded”

Mass Occurrence

A mass of people

Enjoying life,

Only to be robbed

By other’s strife.

Soul torchered

Beyond regret.

Bull lets go of

The harness.

Hatred is free

To reign again.

There is no

Cover for

The innocent.

Mass occurs

With no priest


None pleased,

But the

Saints in