Don’t Believe the Hype


Don't Believe the Hype

Song, Sing my soul
Soul, Sing my song
I have waited far too long
I have subverted my very being
Seeking, but never seeing
Remembering past criticisms
And Believing the Hype
They were wrong
God was right
My belly is bursting
My skin is ripe
Ready to create New life
That is authentically mine

The Love in Blood


The Vermilion Love Saturation

The Love in Blood

As I breathe in, I feel the openness of each molecule of air as it saturates my vermilion blood nurturing it and enveloping it in the love that is creation. It scurries through my arteries carrying that love from now to the future. The world in which I live knows no time. My life is magnified in the thud of my heartbeat as I reach for my desires that lead me to my purpose.

My fears and sorrows climb up the corridors of my soul. I whisper, “Hello.” to them. They are as vital as the deoxygenated blood that runs through my veins. I thank them for showing me how to define my happiness. I bless them. But warn them, “I will not be drowned by you, for the worship of you is shallow. It is the light within that I follow.”

I exhale eliminating the “can’t do” energy of the past. Yet, I refuse to judge it. I choose to live vibrantly within each breath. I choose to love myself first. For it is only through the love of myself that I can serve others, forever.

The Death of a Praying Mantis

The Death of a Praying Mantis

A funny thing happened the other day. My daughter found this large praying mantis. It was 2-3 inches long. Its body was delicate, yet strong looking. She held it in her hand calling me, “Mom, come here and look at this!” We were amazed at its unique beauty. It had a long green stick-like body. It meandered over her arm as she tried to hold it. I ran and got her cellphone so that we could take a picture. “Click,click, click!” I had captured its beauty. My dogs were curious too. My chocolate labrador jumped up and promptly smashed it. Just like that, this beautiful insect was dead. My daughter moaned, “Ahhh, Nelson, you killed it!”. I began to laugh at the irony of the situation. Amazing. The life we live is so random! One moment we can be full of: joy, health and wonder, and the next moment, it’s gone. Or, we’re gone. There was no devil that magically killed the insect. The insect hadn’t sinned. It just was. Then, it just wasn’t.

This just reminded me of the wondrous nature of my life; and, the importance of living each moment in its entirety.