Conquering Losingness


Conquering Losingness

What do you do when you lose?
Do you wallow in your losingness?
Do you paint a pathetic smile onto your face
Even when it is not OK?
Maybe you just brush yourself off,
And keep on going.
The fact that you don’t give up,
No matter what,
Makes you a winner.



You don’t call me anymore.
As I stare outside the icy door,

Clouds grace the cool clear skies.
Moonbeams slice the heart of night.

We abide in the shadows of the dark.
The ghost of our love appears then departs.

The silence of my phone beckons me
My unwantedness envelops my being.

Doves fly towards the morning sun.
Free to land, afraid of none.

Clearly now I see, though I am numb.
Why you don’t call me anymore.

Letting Go

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it’s letting go.” Herman Hesse

I am clinging

To a branch of an oak tree.

Clutching so tightly

My knuckles burst

Out of my hands.

My feet dangle above the ground.

My body is stretched

By the force of gravity.

My heart thumps so loudly,

My eardrums almost burst.


I can’t let go.

If I fall, what will happen?

I can’t look down.

Fear paralyzes my soul.

Circumstance seizes

My weary grip.

One hand slips.

Tears stream down my

Sun charred face.

I look down

To see the ground

One foot below.

I let go.

And step into my new horizon.


The Wave

The thought of death is so final
It is the ending of a singular life
Occurring in the twinkling
Of the universe’s eye
A life that touched so many
A life that changed so many
Yet, I believe
Death is more like the ocean’s waves
The life builds, crests and recedes
Back into the vast ocean
From whence it came
Yet, never really apart from the sea
Existing in yet another form
Only to be reborn