Too Afraid 2 Love

I’m afraid 2 love you too much
I feel like I’ve lost touch
All I can think about is you
I’ve never known a love so true
I’m lost in heaven’s kiss
My joy has become love’s bliss
You make my hair stand on its ends
Intoxicate me with your heart’s elixir again
My love transcends words I might say
Watch me show my love today
Your smile sings my heart’s melody
I’m afraid to give you this ring
I’m afraid that you might want to leave
I’m afraid you’ll just abandon me.
That is why, I push you away
Love does not know fear
Love gives, knowing More is always near
Ignore me, my soul needs you to stay
Trust and Commitment lead the way
It’s time for Fear to run away
Grace opened the door for Love’s new day
If I wasn’t afraid 2 Love you too much


No Dry Wells for Me!


No Dry Wells for Me!

If I
Believe that
Resides within
I must Remember that
I am Overflowing with
& Grace
My Well
Will Never
Run Dry
I will Give
Of this
Without judgement

Ghetto Spirituality


Ghetto Spirituality

I subscribe to a ghetto spirituality.
Somehow, no drama suits my everyday reality.
Guided light never suited my child’s mentality.
Original sin greets my divine individuality.
There’s no church and no pews, in my ghetto spirituality.
Brothers and Sisters see love’s innate commonality.
Golden rule trumps any judgmental brutality.
There’s always room for more, I love you in your totality.
Suits me fine and my neighbors too, this ghetto spirituality.

Why Contemplate, When You Can Discriminate?


Why Contemplate, When You Can Discriminate?

Discrimination can a sumptuous temptress. I was with a Korean young man that I have the pleasure of knowing and we went shopping at an Asian market that primarily had Chinese items within it, as well as many Chinese people. The  young man was mortified, he was paralyzed by the deep seeded stereotypes that he had about that culture.

I talked to him about labeling others and the pitfalls of having a close-minded attitude towards other groups. Yet, the situation reminded me of my own prejudices. How many times have I categorized someone in my mind on the basis of their: ethnicity, religious beliefs, or even the school they attended?

Why can’t we accept people fully based on their present behavior? It is so tempting to simplify life by stereotypes and racial profiling. The recent bombings in Boston reminded me of how our society can be quick to can lean towards the easy solutions. I heard statements like: “All Czechnians….., or “All Muslims”……or “All immigrants”…. You fill in the blanks. They are all absolute generalizations. It’s just not that simple. Maybe the answer is love, Agape love. “Through love, one acquires renunciation of discrimination naturally,” according to Ramakrishna.  Nobody said it would be easy. But, it is necessary.

Leaning in to My Sisters


m37_article_dark_skinned_women_film_1280x800_article-small_91Here are some ways that we could “Lean In” to our sisters.
1) We could embrace our sisters’victories, rather than being driven by jealousy, as they attain our goals.
2) We could mentor our youth and those living in poverty in order to help them to accomplish their dreams.
3) We could invest time and money into ourselves and not feel guilty when we allow ourselves to rest.
4) We could seek to understand first, rather than judge.
5) We could learn to love our Sister Earth in the same way that we love ourselves and each other.
6) We could embrace tradition while welcoming innovations as they reveal themselves in our society.
7) Most of all, we must LOVE ourselves unconditionally, in order to be able to effectively expand throughout the world by “leaning in”.

We are NOT Victims


We are NOT Victims

We are not victims. We all suffer in different ways. Everyone from the richest, to the poorest, the strongest, to the weakest suffers. Who am I to say that my suffering is any less than yours? It depends on my own perceptions. Approaching life from the standpoint of a victim is death.

One can feel justified in hurting another or stealing from another because, “we deserve better”. After all they may have been: discriminated against, cheated on, raped, beaten, lied to, cursed at, yelled at or fired. No!!! So, too, was your brother or your sister. There is no place in our society for anarchy. If we can face our own suffering and learn how to deal with it, we have more of an opportunity to serve humankind.

Suffering is a commonality among all humans. If we search, and sometimes if we just become aware, we can find joy among the suffering. We can find compassion, love and understanding in our hearts next to all of the envy, pain and the hate. If we all operated from this space, the world would be a better place.

The Season for Letting Go of Children


The Season for Letting Go of Children

A Letter to My Child-


You have grown into a wonderful, kind, adult that I have had the honor of mothering. I have enjoyed guiding you through the formative years of your life. We’ve shared laughter and tears. You have taught me more than you will ever know. Thank you.

Now it is time for me to let you go. It is time for life to teach you its own lessons without the safety net of running home. You are ready. Yes, you will struggle. The struggle will make you stronger and help you align with the priorities and purpose of your life. You will fall down, but, I have faith that you will always manage to get back up. You have been blessed with the gift of resilience. You are magnificent. Your journey will help you to really know that.

I am letting you go, because I love you. My shadow can be suffocating. I think it is almost as hard for me, as it is for you. But, I am certain that it is time for you to spread your wings and fly. I can’t wait to watch you soar.

Love always,