No Dry Wells for Me!


No Dry Wells for Me!

If I
Believe that
Resides within
I must Remember that
I am Overflowing with
& Grace
My Well
Will Never
Run Dry
I will Give
Of this
Without judgement


Check Under the Hood


Check Under the Hood

Things are not as they appear.
The Mojave Desert
May have miles of sun-baked desert soil,
Flowing with cacti, Joshua trees and tumbleweeds
As its lone vegetation
Yet, below the surface of that arid desert there are:
Underground rivers, micro-organisms and Oases
We have to check under the Hood.

We are all so much more than our appearance.
Below the surface lies our truth.
Our treasure trove of gifts,
Our individual molecular capabilities,
Our unique desires and needs,
Let’s take the time to truly know who we really are-
Under the Hood.




Maybe the purest sport of them all.
There’s no equipment and no balls
Just a will to win, yet love for those who’ve lost.
A battle in which the first team to finish, wins the meet.
Sweat filled runners labor up hills with eyes fixed on the peak.
Teams packing it together united in their quest for victory.
Long strides gliding downhill arms swinging as smooth as a gazelle.
Sprinting wildly towards the finish leaving nothing on the trail.
Looking back and reaching down to help another who ran so hard that they fell.
Wishing once and training hard to do it all another time.
Leaving all of the cares of the outside world a million miles behind.

It’s so nice to be nice. Just to let somebody know you’re nice.”-Maggie Brown-


It’s so nice to be nice.  Just to let somebody know you’re nice.”-Maggie Brown-

What If

What if kindness was the way of the land?
What if we wished the best for our fellow man?
What if we felt blessed when they did well?
What if there was no judgment and no hell?
What if we really loved our planet?
What if we never took the sun for granted?
What if the oceans never had pollution?
What if we used clean energy as a solution?
What if we didn’t eat meat for awhile?
What if we let the animals run wild?
What if we really loved our enemy?
What if we listened rather than sought war so handily?
What if everybody could read?
What if we all had something to eat?
What if “nice” was the only way we knew to be?

Sunset Seduction


Sunset Seduction

I was seduced by the sunset.
Its orange rays tickled my toes.
Its pinks prickled my ear lobes.
Its reds warmed my blood where it flowed.
The sun awakened my seeds in their fertile soil.
I was mesmerized as the last rays of sun, shown.
I surrendered and waited–
For the penetration to take hold.
In that moment,
The full moon arose.
The sunset had teased me,
Then left me alone.

The Wind

Wind Blowing-

It is nice to be inside

Contemplating thoughts without

A care in the world

Swirling, swirling, leaves rustle

As young trees bend unwillingly

Against the force of the gusts

Is it fair for me to be inside

While the rest of the world is blowing?

Or, is it safe?

I wonder if it would be better outside

With the trees and the grass

Letting the wind blow me

Where it wants me to go

But I shall never know where the wind will take me

For I will always run to shelter

And when I want to feel the wind

I will just open the window, and dream