I See

I See

I see a tall statuesque black woman.
You see a basketball player.
I see beautiful full lips bursting into a smile.
You see a prostitute.
I see woolly locks cascading down.
You see a jiggaboo.
I see a confident vocal intellectual.
You see a bitch.
I see hands out-stretched to serve.
You see a beggar.
When will you see me?


Sticky Fingers


Sticky Fingers

Sticky fingers grasp
At all they can touch.
No inhibition
Never enough.
They close so tightly
They get stuck.
Locked stubbornly
On the cusp
Raised High
All Power
Get in Line.
Unwilling to
By design
Never to find
That they are divine.
With those sticky fingers

American Spring?


Are dividing

And conquering


Causing multiple skirmishes

In our government

Ambushing our laws

Hijacking our military

Devouring the values

That made our country great.


Are claiming to be citizens

Yet, attacking their

Neighbors who

Fail to comply with their

Prime directives of profit.

It is guerilla warfare against our


And we continue to yield

To the powers

That be

As long as we can live

An average life

Lulled into the belief

That it can’t get worse.

There has been no united

Strategy to overcome.

There is no will to overthrow.

Where is the

American Spring?