The Season for Letting Go of Children


The Season for Letting Go of Children

A Letter to My Child-


You have grown into a wonderful, kind, adult that I have had the honor of mothering. I have enjoyed guiding you through the formative years of your life. We’ve shared laughter and tears. You have taught me more than you will ever know. Thank you.

Now it is time for me to let you go. It is time for life to teach you its own lessons without the safety net of running home. You are ready. Yes, you will struggle. The struggle will make you stronger and help you align with the priorities and purpose of your life. You will fall down, but, I have faith that you will always manage to get back up. You have been blessed with the gift of resilience. You are magnificent. Your journey will help you to really know that.

I am letting you go, because I love you. My shadow can be suffocating. I think it is almost as hard for me, as it is for you. But, I am certain that it is time for you to spread your wings and fly. I can’t wait to watch you soar.

Love always,



The Love in Blood


The Vermilion Love Saturation

The Love in Blood

As I breathe in, I feel the openness of each molecule of air as it saturates my vermilion blood nurturing it and enveloping it in the love that is creation. It scurries through my arteries carrying that love from now to the future. The world in which I live knows no time. My life is magnified in the thud of my heartbeat as I reach for my desires that lead me to my purpose.

My fears and sorrows climb up the corridors of my soul. I whisper, “Hello.” to them. They are as vital as the deoxygenated blood that runs through my veins. I thank them for showing me how to define my happiness. I bless them. But warn them, “I will not be drowned by you, for the worship of you is shallow. It is the light within that I follow.”

I exhale eliminating the “can’t do” energy of the past. Yet, I refuse to judge it. I choose to live vibrantly within each breath. I choose to love myself first. For it is only through the love of myself that I can serve others, forever.