I am indefinable

I have arrived and been untimeable

I’ve seen the earth formed

I’ve seen the mountains transformed

I’ve seen the oceans and the plains

I’ve seen ancient man

I’ve witnessed countless wars

I’ve been born and born and born

I’ve been a Jew

                  a Gentile

                  a Muslim

I’ve worshiped Buddha and God

And I shall continue to stand

                        to love

                        to embody all that is good for


I am undefinable…


The Wind

Wind Blowing-

It is nice to be inside

Contemplating thoughts without

A care in the world

Swirling, swirling, leaves rustle

As young trees bend unwillingly

Against the force of the gusts

Is it fair for me to be inside

While the rest of the world is blowing?

Or, is it safe?

I wonder if it would be better outside

With the trees and the grass

Letting the wind blow me

Where it wants me to go

But I shall never know where the wind will take me

For I will always run to shelter

And when I want to feel the wind

I will just open the window, and dream

I Want to Try to Wonder Why

I want to take a dive deep into your insides

I want to know the real you, what causes you to cry

I want to look beneath the color of your skin

I want to know what you think is a sin

I want to know how eagles can glide

I want them to stop and offer me a ride

I want to know how hot the sun feels

I want to know is the truth even real

I want to know how long peace can last

I wonder how much I will lose if I fast

I wonder how the IRS knows all the income in my past

I wonder if you see me under my mask

I wonder if you if our love can really last

I wonder what my mom would say if she were alive

I wonder if she’d be proud of what I’ve done with my life

I wonder what our baby would look like

I wonder would breast implants make me “fly” in your eyes

I wonder if I cut my wrists, would I really die

I try not to judge kids when they lie

I try to remember what I was like

I try to be always be kind to my neighbor

I try to find time to relax and not labor

I try not to roll through so many stop signs

I try not to swallow when you blow my mind

I try to have a mind of my own

I try not to cry because I feel so alone

I try to always hold on and on and on

I want to try to wonder why

I want to try to wonder why

I want to try to wonder