We have been Forgotten by the Supreme Court


We have been Forgotten

I will probably never be rich. I will always vote.
I will always serve the public in one way or another.
Most of the people I know are just like me.

They care about others.
They vote.

We are regular folk. We fight for our country.
We raise our children. We go to work every day.
But, in the US, we don’t count for much.

We have been forgotten, again and again.

We can’t give millions to PACs.
We don’t have wealthy lobbyists supporting our cause.
We can’t give millions to politicians.
Though, there are millions of us.
We are the majority. We are the populous.

We are the people that our Constitution and our founding fathers had in mind.
Yet, our Supreme Court, the ultimate arbiter of the laws of the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights has forgotten us.

We have been forgotten.