Growing Pains


Growing Pains

Have you had your pain today? Does an apple take the taste away? Are we here to push the boundaries or float upon the surface? Shall we dare to drown in our fear only to come up for air violently gulping a piercing knot of pain into our gut? The pain is never enough. My desires are fed by the searing pain of not-enoughness. I shall forgive my parents for not giving me everything that I want. No, I thank my parents because that pain caused me to achieve my goals of college and entrance into the world of work. I embrace pain. I clench my fists and grind my teeth in anticipation of the pain that will allow me to swallow my pride and guide my eyes to all that is right. Wrong cuts like a knife and then there is pain. My sweet, beautiful, bloody pain that seeps into my heart out through my pulmonary valve to feed my soul. Ahh… there I grow again.


Crab People









ImagePeer out with their beady eyes

They have a deceitful walk from side

Swishing down the run-way of life


Boldly building all the hype

Yet looks are not what they appear to be

Crab People

Desire to love all humanity

Their claws grab for

People who understand

Otherwise, they bury their souls

Deep into the sand

All is all and I am a fan of

The Crab People