The Leap of Truth


The Leap of Truth

A wise man told me that sometimes we try to leap over the puddles in life, but, land right inside the puddle. One foot is reaching and poised for the leap, while the other remains firmly planted in my limited vision of what is, rather than simply letting go to the pure infinite potential of the unknown.

But, the truth is, in order to leap, we’ve got to spend a little time in the air without the firm foundation of the ground underneath our feet. The unknown is essential in order for there to be an expansion of our reality. How many times have we been afraid of the unknown?

Today, let’s promise ourselves to take both feet off of the ground and leap into our truth.


Check Under the Hood


Check Under the Hood

Things are not as they appear.
The Mojave Desert
May have miles of sun-baked desert soil,
Flowing with cacti, Joshua trees and tumbleweeds
As its lone vegetation
Yet, below the surface of that arid desert there are:
Underground rivers, micro-organisms and Oases
We have to check under the Hood.

We are all so much more than our appearance.
Below the surface lies our truth.
Our treasure trove of gifts,
Our individual molecular capabilities,
Our unique desires and needs,
Let’s take the time to truly know who we really are-
Under the Hood.